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Cosplay Vanne is a tiny cosplayer from the Netherlands, who started cosplaying back in 2004. She is most known for her portrayal of Rikku ( Final Fantasy X-2), but also as the official Elsje (a famous comic book character from the Netherlands by Gerben Valkeman and Eric Hercules). She has been a live model during several comic festivals and has posed for several comic artists. Cosplays of her have featured in several television programs (for children) and magazines, and her Roodhaar cosplay was published in one of the official comics. Vanne has used her costume skills for entertainment jobs and used them to collect money for charity. Her costumes have been on display in several exhibitions. 

She has won 6 prizes.



1st place Cosplay Competition 2005 - Abunai!

3rd place Cosplay Competition 2006 - JRock-Con

Best Act Cospay Competition 2006- Animecon

Best Solo Act 2007 - Chibicon

Best Solo Act 2007 - Animecon

3rd Place Galaxy Masquerade 2019 - Imagicon