Cosplay Vanne

"Once you start cosplaying, stopping isn't an option."



Welcome to the renewed website. Vanne is a tiny cosplayer from the Netherlands who has been very active in the cosplay community. Both in creating costumes, performing, being a judge in costume competitions and displaying her costumes during exhibitions. Cosplay has also brought her jobs in the theatre and television industry, as well as had her perform as an entertainer for a while. Although she has let cosplay go now to focus on her job and her family, she can still be seen attending events and sometimes still joins in group cosplays. 




"It started with anime and manga cosplays, then changed to artists I admired and series I fancied. I somehow ended up performing for different comic artists and publishers. Either by standing as a model at their stand on an event, or by creating the costume of their character and portraying her during special occassions. Cosplaying has brought me a lot and I enjoy it still. Yes, I don't have the time right now to create as many costumes as I would like, nor am I able to attend all the conventions I want to. "


"I let go of the need to do something new every convention and costume. It was something I only did in the early years, when every event needed a skit. I tapdanced. I sang (which is the scariest thing in the whole world). I performed some magic tricks. And I won five prizes."


"It is true that I stopped going to events for a while. The atmosphere had changed and many of my friends had stopped going. People weren't socialising the way they used to. Instead of strangers complementing each other's costume we were introduced with fourteen year olds who turned their heads away as you approached them, with their heads held high and their noses high up in the air, wanting to be the best cosplayer in the room. Nothing wrong with being competitive, but I suppose that's when I realised I went for the warmth of the people attending. Not the achievements."

"After a break of a few years I returned because a friend dragged me back into it. I noticed the mood was better at events. I have come to learn that it's something that fluctuates. [..]  We were just having a lovely time. I haven't joined competions afterwards any more. Only once with two of my best friends. But other than that....only had a lot of plans. Then again, I have always been incredibly last-minute. With finishing my costumes but also with coming up with the acts. Some where thought of only a day before the event. "


"How come I bought a cosplay? Well.... I once made this Alice 2010 blue dress and it was a hell of a lot of work, costed a darn lot, and not much later, an officially licensed party dress came out that was cheaper but looked pretty much the same. That was the moment I realised, if you can buy it and it costs you less effort and looks about the same... why not? I bought Annie from LOL from another cosplayer. And I commissioned someone for armour once, but never worn it yet. I wish to commission a very excellent tailor to create my dream cosplay because everything I sew isn't as well finished as it should be. "

"Family cosplay? Absolutely!"


"What I did between cosplaying? Work on costumes at home. Simple ones but just for fun. I used a Lady Gaga costume for our acting group once and was asked to appear in a children's television show. They enjoyed it so much, I was asked to return several times after. But I never stopped loving to dress up and to act the character. And I can't imagine I ever will stop loving it. So yes, in a way I am a retired cosplayer. But I don't think I'll ever fully stop attending conventions and dressing up."